Quick and Easy 5 Step Morning Meditation for a Successful Day

A lot of people struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Even after a good nights sleep, your motivation still seems depleted and productivity is not an option.

Today I want to share a quick and easy 5 step morning meditation that will drag you out of this positivity destroying process. The plus side is that it will only take 10 minutes of your time. When done regularly you will experience a change in the energy within you. Motivation and productivity will increase.

Your mind will immediately be filled with positivity. A positive mind is the key for attracting life changing opportunities in your life.

Step 1: Be as comfortable as possible

You can practice this meditation sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and bring your attention inward.

Step 2: Focus on your breathing

Bring your focus toward your breathing. Don’t force yourself to breathe in deeply for a certain amount of seconds and then breathe out, breathe in and out following your own pace.

Step 3: Inhale a bright golden light

Now that you feel completely relaxed. See yourself breathing in a bright golden light. See the light filling up every inch of your being. Try to feel the energy radiating from within, vibrating, charging you with all the energy needed to get you through the day.

Step 4: Visualize completing all your tasks

See yourself completing all your tasks for the day with this newly found energy. Visualize being more positive, more energized and motivated. Nothing can stop you from excelling throughout the day.

Step 5: Focus on the feeling

How does it feel to conquer your day with maximum effort and positivity, completing all your goals without setbacks? Hold on to that feeling until you are ready to open your eyes, feeling refreshed.

This concludes the guided meditation. I would like to know about your experiences regarding this meditation. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer as soon as possible.

5 Ways to Kick Social Awkwardness to the Curb

That awkward moment when someone decides to approach you, asking you a question or simply just trying to engage in a friendly conversation. Your palms start to sweat. You trip over your words. All the wrong words blabber out of your mouth. Next thing you know the person looks at you, with a what the fudge look on his face, regretting that he tried to engage you in having a conversation.

If you have trouble socializing with people or to simply just look them in the eye, continue reading. Below are 5 Steps to Kick Social Awkwardness to the Curb and live a socially for filling life, excluding sweaty palms and nausea.

1. Start to accept your social awkwardness

Accept who you are. Learn what triggers the situation and why you feel this way around people in general. Write everything down. Dig deep within. Sometimes that is where the most informative information can be found.

2. Be curious about life

As you dig deep within yourself, notice what sparks your curiosity. Research those topics and arm yourself with useful information. Feed your curiosity. You will have more to say in social situations and curious people are interesting in general.

3. Venture into the unknown

Escape your comfort zone. Do something that triggers the feeling of fear within you. Go skydiving, approach different kinds of people and engage in some small talk. Learn that escaping your comfort zone is a brilliant way to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

4. Upgrade your motivation

In my previous article, 5 Simple Ways that Will Help You to Stay Motivated (found below) , I went into more detail about this topic. A mind motivated by it’s passion will and can overcome anything, including social awkwardness. Motive yourself to take part in social situations.

5. Think about yourself, not what others think about you

Mostly everyone has something that triggers some form of social anxiety. You just have to concentrate more on yourself and what you want, instead of what other people think about you. What others think has nothing to do with you. The sooner you suck up that little piece of information the better off you will be.

Follow these five marvelous steps and I assure you that you will be well on your way to complete social mastery. Life will become a blessing, not a curse. Better yourself in general and create a life that you can be proud of.

No one wants to die with memories of a life that they regretted to live.

5 Simple Ways that Will Help You to Stay Motivated

Motivation is the key to accomplishing your goals. The main problem is that most people don’t stay motivated. They get distracted easily or simply get bored with the project they want to finish. Maybe you are in doubt. Thinking that the goal might be too hard to accomplish. If this sounds like you, you are very much in luck.

In this post I am going to share five simple ways you can use to help you stay motivated. Adopt these ways and make them a habit in your everyday life. You will start to witness a change, not only in yourself, but on how much you will start to accomplish in your day-to-day life.

Use music as motivation

That song that always forces you to get off your ass. That song that makes you feel confident and on top of the world. I’m sure you have a few lying around in your playlist. Create a separate playlist to house all these audio motivators. Listen to those songs whenever your motivation starts to deplete.

Simple, right. Exactly.

Read about people and their success

Search the internet for people whom have already accomplished the goals you set up for yourself. Research what steps they had to take to make their dream a reality. Feed your mind with the knowledge of people who actually made a success in the field you are interested in.

Create a schedule and stick to it

This is very important. Create a schedule that will help you plan your day ahead. What time you want to exercise, what pieces of writing you want to continue with, or finish. You get the point. Organize your day and be productive. You will be surprised on how much you can accomplish if you don’t waste your time. Being well organized is a must.

Meditate on your goals

Visualize yourself accomplishing your goals at least five minutes each morning. See yourself taking action to make your dreams a reality. Realize that nothing is impossible. You and only you build the walls that keep you from succeeding.

Surround yourself with people driven by their goals

Attract people into your life that are passionate about their goals. Motivate each other and assist one another. Surround yourself with people with a thirst for success. Exclude toxic people from your social life, they only exist to drag you down with them.

Feel free to follow this blog for it will be updated regularly with useful information that will help you to excel in life.

4 Step Meditation to Live in the Present Moment

Overactive thoughts can distract you from accomplishing your goals. You sit endlessly thinking about how you have failed before and your mind is your constant remainder of what a failure you are, which you are not.

You just need to control your mind instead of it controlling you. That is the goal if the meditation I’m about to provide. You will learn to be more active in the present moment and focus on your goals without your mind dragging you down with negative past experiences.

1. Make yourself as comfortable as possible

You can practice this meditation either sitting or lying down. It really does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you are as comfortable as can be.

2. Close your eyes and focus on your breath

As you feel relaxed, close your eyes and start to focus on your breath. Slowly inhale and exhale, falling deeper into relaxation.

3. Visualize your mind turning into a dark void

Imagine your mind in complete darkness. Seeing only nothingness. As thoughts enter your mind, see it blurring away until the thoughts are no longer visible.

4. Concentrate on the dark void for as long as possible

Do not strain yourself yourself if thoughts keep entering your mind, just see it blurring away into nothingness. Focus on the void for as long as you possibly can. This meditation does not have to be rushed. Take your time and try to conquer those intrusive thoughts.

Practice this meditation regularly to reap it’s full benefits. If done regularly you will start to realize that you have full control over the thoughts that enter your mind. Your goals will become easier to achieve for you will have better focus then before.

Your mind can be your greatest weapon or your worst enemy. It’s all up to you. Train your mind to do your bidding and not the other way around. Do not let the actions of your past chain your mind into thinking that you are not worthy to accomplish your goals.

You have limitless potential. You need to learn how to tap into that potential and harness it to create the life that you truly want.

Feel free to share your experiences regarding this meditation. If you have any questions, ask and I will answer. Also, follow me on twitter @cleofreelance for updates.

5 Ways to be Excellent in Bed

Sex, a word that can make the most dirty minded person blush at the right moment. But the thing that grabs my attention about sex is the benefits, increased mental and physical health. Sex can also reduce stress, helping you to feel relaxed throughout the day.

The countless benefits are mind blowing. But how do you make the best of such a beneficial practice? How do you keep it ‘fresh’ in the bedroom?

In this post I’m going to share 5 ways that will help you to become excellent in bed, keeping your spouse happy and wanting more. Your sexual relationship does not have to die down, buried by boredom and repetition.

1. Maintain a healthy physique

Exercise your core, do some cardio and lift some weights. Being fit is a big plus in the bedroom. You do not want to be immensely out of breath in just 30 seconds of intercourse.

2. Teach yourself to last longer

If you have trouble ejaculating early, you are not as screwed as you might think. Masturbate 2 hours before intercourse or buy thick condoms. Thick condoms decrease the sensation and helps to delay ejaculation.

3. Do not rush foreplay!

Foreplay can lead to some unimaginably hot sex, if done correctly. So, whisper in her ear, kiss her all over and experiment with some new ways to skyrocket the sexual tension. Take your time. Foreplay should not be rushed and can be very fun.

4. Experiment with different positions

Personally, I think practicing the missionary position for more than 15 minutes is boring as hell. Learn a menu of different sex positions. The internet houses allot of them. Wow your partner with some newly learned skills and keep her/him guessing. Sex should be a fun experimentation, not a repetition.

5. Make eye contact as much as possible

Look into your spouse’s eyes. Make the experience as intimate as possible. Show him/her that they are the only person that matters in the given moment. Stare deep into her eyes, look into her soul. She will feel the attraction and melt with the movement of your body. This makes the practice more special and unforgettable.

Master these 5 tips and you will be well on your way on perfecting yourself in bed. Feel free to leave a comment about this post and share tips of your own.

5 Step Meditation to Empower Your Aura

You feel drained all the time. Your motivation has depleted into the gutter. You want to accomplish your goals but you don’t have the energy. You fall deeper and deeper into depressive thoughts.

An unhealthy or damaged aura might be the cause of your so called self destruction. Below you will notice a guided meditation to empower your aura. When done regularly, I assure you that your negative mindset will demolish itself. You will start to think more positively and your energy levels throughout the day will be more than enough to accomplish your goals.

1. Make yourself as comfortable as possible

Sit or lie down, whichever feels more comfortable. It is important to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

2. Focus on your breathing

Close your eyes and start to breathe deeply. Inhaling and exhaling, completely focused on your breath. Feel your chest rise and fall, focusing on the motion.

3. Observe and banish any thoughts

As you start to relax, observe any thoughts you might have. Imagen your thoughts floating away. Excluding those thoughts from your mind’s eye until they are no longer visible. This will need some practice, but eventually you will get the hang of it.

4. Realize the endless opportunities at your fingertips

You should now feel completely relaxed and one with yourself. Imagen yourself sitting smack in the middle of the universe. See the starts and planets around you. Notice how huge and perfect the universe really is. Realize the limitless opportunities waiting for you to take action. 

5. Breathe in white-gold energy

Now that you have a clear image, start to breathe in white-gold energy from the stars and planets around you. Feel the energy within your body vibrating at a higher frequency. Keep on breathing in the white-gold energy until it expands beyond your being, expanding your aura and empowering it with divine light. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and continue your day feeling refreshed and empowered.

I would recommend practising this meditation at least 15 minutes a day if you are striving for quick results.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. You are free to share any ideas and what you would like to see on this blog. I am all about human development and will gladly consider your ideas or answer any given questions.

4 Ways to Demolish the opinions of others

Have you ever walked into a crowded place feeling watched and judged in every way? You wake up one morning in the best mood, ready to let your dreams come true, only to be stomped on by someone else’s insecurities. Like I said in my other post, 5 Ways to Break the Habit of Negative Thinking, people love to judge other people, but the thing is that most of the time it’s all in your head.

You’ve been living to please others. You’ve been told what respectable looks like and how to act to be accepted by others. Simply losing yourself in the process. Forgetting your own uniqueness. If you really think about it there is absolutely no reason to even consider the opinions of others. The only opinion that matters is your own. 

If you know that you did wrong in some way, follow your own opinion and try to fix it. If you know you can do better, follow your opinion and better yourself.

You will be surprised what wonders listening to yourself can manifest into your daily life.

Below I am going to share an exercise that will help you make your opinion your priority, discarding the judgement of others…

1. Write down your insecurities

Grab a pen and some paper. Write down everything that makes you feel insecure. Dig deep within yourself.

2. Write down your feelings regarding those insecurities

How does it make you feel as you see your insecurities in black and white? Acknowledged your emotions. Write down your feelings regarding those insecurities. Force your emotions to be as vivid as possible.

3. Write down how you would conquer those insecurities

After spending some time with your insecurities and emotions, write down how you would be able to conquer it. If you feel insecure about your weight, develop a plan or goal to shake a few pounds. Whatever insecurities you can demolish, go for it. Improve yourself in every way.

4. Motivate 

If you have days were you don’t feel motivated enough, re-read those emotions you’ve written down so that you can remember why you are doing whatever you are doing in the first place.

Live only to please yourself. Stay on top and don’t let anyone drag you down to their level. Screw what they think. You are on planet earth to sculpt the life you want, not the life other people expect you to create.

Feel free to leave a comment or share this post. If you have any questions, ask and I will gladly answer.

5 Ways to Break the Habit of Negative Thinking

In this day and age many people struggle with negative thoughts. As a child you have been taught how to act, how to treat people and what is important and what’s not. The list goes on and on. You start to think inside the box instead of seeing a bigger picture. 
You’ve been told what to do your entire life and finally you lose your way. Falling into a pit filled with negative thoughts, caused by people brainwashing you into doing their bidding instead of your own. 

In this post I want to discuss 5 ways to get rid of negative thinking. 5 ways that will serve you well…

1. Meditation

You might have read about this one allot on various websites. The reason for that is because its true. Meditation helps you to look within yourself. It helps you to take control of your mind, excluding that negative chatter. If you can learn to listen beyond that little annoying voice telling you that you are not worthy, creating the life that you deserve will become much easier. So start meditating and reap its known benefits.

2. Occupy your wasted time with something you enjoy

If you love writing as much as I do or you love drawing, whatever the case might be. Why not occupy your free time with something that interests you. Own your much loved skill and use it to broaden your horizon. You will be surprised on what benefit it might have in your everyday life. It also helps to quiet that voice inside your head constantly trampling your motivation to the ground.

3. Break a sweat: Another important one on my list

Make sure to exercise regularly. You will feel much better and your self confidence will skyrocket through the roof. Regular exercise also improves your mental health. Helping you to stay sharp by improving your memory. So break a sweat and turn some heads with a healthy physique you can be proud of. 

4. Take a day off

We are not robots destined to work and not play. Take a day to do whatever you want. Watch a movie, read a book or go have a beer with your friends or maybe even alone. Everyone needs time to recharge with some occasional fun. Life is about living and what is living without doing something you actually enjoy. Give yourself a reason to live.

5. Care what you think about you.

People love to judge. They will always be judging you behind every corner. The thing is that… It doesn’t matter. What they think and say about you has no impact on your life whatsoever. The only time they will have an impact on your life is when you allow them to. Sit back and ask yourself, “Why the hell do I care what people think?” Give yourself some concrete answers, study these answers and realize how stupid they sound when you say it out loud.  And for the love of God, discard these negative, judging leaches from your social sircle. 

Live by these 5 ways and negative thinking will disappear from your mind. You will learn to respect yourself. You will realize that your top priority is to keep yourself happy, living the life that you deserve.

Feel free to leave a comment or share this post with a friend in need. If you have any questions, ask and I will get back to you as soon as possible.